Delta = Change

Recently I was delving into the world of website management and discovered that my limits include:

  1. I know little about SSL (Those are secure socket layers)
  2. I get more emails about offering help with my website than I do to buy art.
  3. Just clicking the upgrade button does not fix problems.
  4. I am really bad at multi-tasking.

As a result, I have completely lost my previous website and am being forced to develop a new design. Yes, I know there are professionals to help with this problem, but the cost is far higher than the value. (So, if you are planning on sending me an email about this, please move on.)

So here I am, trying to update stuff with old stuff and new stuff and stuff that I want to accomplish. It will be slow, and if you got here because of a broken link, I am sorry that stuff is no longer accessible stuff.