Hello. My name is Danny and I do stuff in no particular order.

Years ago I was instructed by a mentor to look at myself every morning in the mirror and decide what I would label myself. Each time I came up with a label, I was to explore how I felt in my body and listen to the energy the identity created. My wise friend encouraged me to keep doing this until the word made me feel balanced and provided a feeling of purpose. For weeks I searched and searched for this “label” until one morning I came upon two words, Creator and Healer. At that time I recognized how important those two roles are for me. I came to appreciate the fact that we are all creators and healers within the universe. We all have a responsibility to improve ourselves and to make our world a more beautiful place. I love to learn, share and teach, and above all be of service.

The works I create are the product of my own personal nurturing the energy used that balances my vocation as a psychotherapist (healer). It is the space I use to play and recharge my energy (creator). I hope you enjoy your time while you are here and find inspiration and healing.

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