Acrylic Pouring with Floetrol

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Panels that I use are generally made of wood. Here are a couple of links to panels:

8X8 panels which you will need to prime first.

4X4 boards that are good for practicing this process.

In this video I explain a little about how floetrol works, what its uses are, and how it affects paint long term. Additionally, I do a dirty pour and include the recipe with the video. NOTE: Using any kind of chemical or combustible poses risks. Wearing protective clothing such as a respirator, goggles, and gloves is highly recommended. Always work in a well-ventilated area. Recipe using Floetrol: –

All measurements are by weight.

Items needed: Floetrol for LATEX PAINT

Medium-bodied acrylic paint

Distilled water


For each color, mix the paint and floetrol first. This is important in preventing the paint structure from changing. Once the paint is mixed then, add the water. For larger cells, add your silicon but do not stir the paint. For smaller cells, you can stir the paint mixture with the oil.

Measurement Ratio for Recipe:

Floetrol – 2 Parts

Paint – 1 Part

Water- 1 Part

Silicone – 5 drops

Measurements in the video were: Floetrol – 0.4 ounces Paint – 0.2 ounces water – 0.2 ounces silicone 5 to 10 drops To convert your recipe to grams, please visit this site:… All the paint was added to a single cup and then poured onto the canvas.