Author: Danny

Non-Toxic Tempera Paint Pouring

FUN FOR KIDS! Fluid Painting With Cells I have been asked to try the paint pouring technique using tempera paints. This was a request from both an art teacher and a grandmother wanting to do this with kids. The results were great, and I hope you get to try this out with kids too!

Floetrol Acrylic Pour Real Time

No Torch and No Silicone -Rambling In the video, I use three ingredients in every color. There are no measurements, and everything is done impromptu. The color that I use in the video are all Golden Fluid Acrylics. Below is a list with links to each color. Carbon Black – Pthalo Blue – […]

Acrylic Pouring – Making Cells – Detailed Recipe

Here is the link to the Specific Gravity for Golden Paints:… I contacted Liquitex to get their listing but they said it was “proprietary” – Sorry if you use Liquitex you are going to need to do a bunch of testing. The color pigment database –… Here is a paper on the details […]