Let’s connect.

Art is an opportunity to explore feelings and learn what matters most to each person. I would much rather have a great conversation over the phone, or over coffee than a few emails. Reach out and let’s get better acquainted.

If there is something I have created that you find interesting, please reach out and we can chat. If you have an idea and want to know if I can create something, give me a shout, and let’s get creative together. If you are creative and want to connect to learn more from each other, please get in touch.

Most of the works you see on this site have already been sold. A lot of my work is created slowly and organically. I try to show some of the processes through social media but not everything shows up.

Please send me a message with your name and number and I will get in touch.

Just shoot me an email –

You can also find me on Instagram or on YouTube